Mood Lighting & Extras

I offer additional packages such as Mood lighting, personalised video and gobo projection, dry ice effects and many others to create that ‘wow’ factor for your event.

If there is something you would like but it is not listed below please let me know as I may still be able to supply this.
Mood Lighting
Mood lighting

Sometimes known as ‘Up-Lighting’, mood lighting will dramatically transform any venue, whether it is a Marquee or a large Hotel function suite.  You can have mood lighting in a variety of colours to suite your room and colour scheme and later in the evening when the dancing starts I can set them to fade through each colour for that true disco feel!

The lights I use don’t get hot and consume very little power, making them an ideal and affordable option for your event.

Video projection

I offer a 6ft by 3ft Projection Screen.  This can be used for a variety of purposes including displaying photographs of you and your guests.  I also have the facility to receive bluetooth photographs so if any of your guests have photographs they wish to share (for example of you and your partner at your Wedding Ceremony earlier in the day) then I can instantly display these on screen.  I also have a Plasma screen for rhose rooms which have limited space.

Gobo and laser projection

For your first dance I can make it even more unique and personal by way of Gobo Projection.  A personalised gobo will project your names, wedding date, special message, logo, artwork or anything else in lights onto the dancefloor or walls.  I also have a Laser which can project your names or image if you would prefer.  Gobo/Laser projection starts from as little as £40. 

Dry Ice

You have probably heard the term ‘dancing on the clouds’, this is essentially a dry ice effect with floor hugging clouds which fills the dance floor creating a real ‘wow’ factor for your guests during your first dance.  Your photographs will look amazing and be a talking point for many years after.

Text-to-screen or text requests

With Text-to-Screen this gives your guests an opportunity to send their own personal messages to you for everyone to see! All incoming messages are directed to an Admin Panel I operate and approve before being displaying them on screen (usually projector screen works best).  

Each message remains on the screen for approximately 12 seconds. It is possible to repeat messages where required and repeated messages will re-appear randomly when no new messages have been received.

The background can be changed, so too can colours, fonts and margins to ensure it fits your screens perfectly.

Sometimes people can be too shy to ask the DJ for a request so with the Text Request system your guests can request any songs they wish to hear from the comfort of their chair (or from the dancefloor!).  I display a scrolling text to screen number via Laser (text messages at usual normal rate).

Our party lighting and special effects are available alongside our DJ Entertainment services. If you have any kind of party in the Glasgow area, get in touch to see how I can make your party a night to remember.


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Party Mood Lighting & Extras

Whatever affect you are looking for, get in touch to see how we can meet your needs such as music from an award nominated DJ or complete entertainment package.

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